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Arverne Resources is based in the region of Pau in southwest France and benefits from the quality of energy business related knowledge and infrastructures. Pau is a lead for subsurface energy industries and offers a competitiveness cluster that brings together world companies leaders in energy (Total, ENGIE, EDF, Vermilion…), research laboratories (4000 geoscience researchers), local SMEs and MSEs, and schools working in upstream oil and gas.

Arverne Resources gathers a highly qualified team with multiple competences, expertise and operational experiences in E & P Subsurface, EOR, Drilling, Project, Management, Finance.


Arverne Resources’ team has a worldwide experience in Africa, Middle East, South America, Asia, Europe.

About Us

Access and Develop Assets Resources

Arverne Resources has the objective to unlock oil and gas of non developed fields as well as mid-life to end of life mature fields.

Our team is dedicated to access permit, realize data room, evaluate asset, and bring technical and financial partnership to extract best value.

Arverne Resource is also a technical partner for development as operator or non operator.


Arverne Resources

2, avenue du Président Pierre Angot


Tel: +33 6 77 92 96 38


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